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The National Overcomers Network is Launched

I would like to congratulate Solutions for Change and your launch of the National Overcomers Network. It was my honor as the National Spokesperson to work alongside so many amazing Overcomers who prove that Overcoming can be the Norm! For 22 years, Solutions for Change has facilitated the transformation of 1000s of Overcomers through its innovative business model and will serve 10,000 more through its national expansion. This initiative served as a pilot to a larger national platform that I am currently working on with a team of professionals and organizations across the country. 

If you are visiting this site because of the Tucker Carlson show and want to engage directly with myself, please check out my website, Instagram, or Facebook. I will routinely provide updates on our progress and opportunities to be involved.

To hear more about Solutions for Change and its impactful work, please visit their website.

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